Update on Ektachrome

Yesterday while checking out what was new in the #FilmJune hashtag on twitter I stumbled upon an update from Kodak on Ektachrome. Finally they threw us the tiniest of bones on the much anticipated return of Ektachrome.

So let’s look at the Instagram version of the post, since that one has more than just the Macbeth Chart chips. When looking at the images of the Macbeth chart the first thing I notice is that the colors seem off and that there seems to be some pixilation on the edges of the color chips. This is causing me to wonder whether or not these are high enough quality scans to be making judgements on the quality of the images.

Now I will say that the color in the other images is beautiful. I am very pleased with what I am seeing. However the image of the can of soup has a lot of pixilation and has some color artifacts from the digitization process that are horrendous.

Kodak, please provide us with some better quality scans of these photos so that we can properly critique these images.