Announcement Rollup July 13th, 2018

CineStill Announces Df96 Monobath Developer 

About a month ago CineStill film announced a new monobath developer that they are calling Df96. At 80 °F (26 °C), with constant agitation it takes only 3:00 minutes to develop a roll of film and achieve an archival fix. The good folks over at CineStill have been working on Df96 for over two years, tweaking the formula. Df96 is supposed to work best with cubic grain films like Kodak’s classic emulsion Tri-X. 

We will be testing out Df96 when it arrives here, soon. 

Analogue Wonderland Has Multiple Announcements 

Today Analogue Wonderland launched a new brand of 35mm color negative films called Yodica. These films look to be similar to films like Revolog Kolor and Kono Colour where you never know what you will get until you develop it.  

Analogue Wonderland also announced that they will begin shipping to North America. Shipping will be about $14.00 USD or $17.00 CAD depending on the current exchange rates, with delivery in 7-10 business days.  

New 620 Films at B.R.T. Co. and More 

We just got a new emulsion in stock here at Through The Lens/Burning River Trade Co. We will be re-spooling some Kodak TMAX 400 as soon as we receive our next batch of 620 film spools. We will also be restocking on all of the other 620 films that we offer. We should have all this up in about a week. 

Unfortunately on Monday our prices will be going up to account for the increased sellers fees from Etsy. There will be an increase of about $0.50 USD per roll of film. 

We are also working on starting up a small lab where we will hand process your film. We will be starting with Black & White 35mm and 120 film. We will be using Rodinal as our developer with Ilford Rapid Fixer and will be providing scans on DVD or SD card. We are looking at costs of $8.00 to develop only and $18.00 for develop and scan to DVD. Scan to SD will be an additional cost, we are still looking for a vendor of SD cards. 

I also am working on posts covering caffenol-c and some intro to photography/cinematography.